Headshots for your team during corporate meetings and events in the East Coast.

Employees love to be treated. Inquiry for headshot services during your event or meeting. Employees will be able to select headshot and receive link to download new headshot to be used right away or request additional retouched. 

On location or outdoor  • Facial expression coaching • Background color of your choice •
Review images right after I photographed • Headshot station during events and meeting
Same day proof images available depending on your package
Make up available upon request

Request detail pricing & availability 

Headshots or Portraits in your office during
working Hours 

Do you prefer a Headshot or Portrait? Headshot station will be place in one of the office and employees can come during the day. background of your choice. Images will be seeing simultaneously, and employees can select what they like. if you decided to go for Portraits we can select one area in your office. Portrait can be done as "Lifestyle/ Office setting " or with a background of your choice. Digital backgrounds are available as per request. 
Additional retouched can be requested. 

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HEADSHOTS for students during Career Day,  Job Fair,  ErAs Applications and Medical Residency 

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After you have accomplished many steps in the medical school. One important detail to stand out in the ERAS application profile is your headshot. The headshot is used by programs to help identify applicants when reporting for an interview. Applicants must upload their own Photo in the MyERAS portal by selecting upload new photo in the Actions column. 

What if you like better an Outdoor Headshot or Portrait? 

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This can be the easiest way to update your headshot or portraits.  Individual or groups.